18 Times People’s Creativity Flew Through the Roof

year ago

Creativity is not something only some people have, but something everyone is capable of having even without realizing it. That’s because it’s a skill, but also a process that, if you follow closely, will make you better at creating anything you set your mind to. Being creative doesn’t mean that you will create the greatest painting anyone’s ever seen. It means that you will start a project that means something to you and create something you feel happy about.

1. “I recreated Regina King’s Emmy dress out of a thrifted graduation gown!”

2. “Kept losing my phone, so I made a new case for it.”

3. “Prototype — tried my hand at non-traditional furniture.”

4. “Getting a fresh cut to start the year.”

5. “Made this corny ski mask.”

6. “Here are 2 watermelon carvings I did for work.”

7. “Told my boyfriend I was painting flowers. I was, in fact, painting Shrek.”

8. “This hour glass with the traffic lights.”

9. “Chicken soup popsicles.”

10. “Made a wood resin comb, inspired by Patronus.”

11. “Made a Christmas tree hat, with working lights.”

12. “This billboard for razors.”

13. “I work IT for an MSP, one of the other techs sent me this, kinda jealous I never thought of it.”

14. “A side table I made to look like a sitting table guy.”

15. The most amazing sand sculptures.

16. “Made a coffee table. I think the proportions are perfect.”

Preview photo credit dwrussell96 / Reddit


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