20 People Whose Tattoos Tell More Than a Story

2 years ago

There are multiple ways to honor the most important people and animals in our lives, and one of them stays for life: tattoos. Getting one to celebrate a milestone in your life — or simply to cherish your dear pet, your parents, or grandparents — can serve as a daily reminder of the impact they had.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found some people whose tattoos not only look good but tell a great story, and here are the best ones.

1. “Got my first tattoo today, in memory of my grandma.”

“I had this planned for years, and I was finally able to get it today! It’s my ’cup of Jo,’ my grandma’s name was Joann. I lived with her as a teenager because I couldn’t live with my parents. We had coffee together every single morning and talked. She always wore lipstick and was very glamorous, I called her my ’pretty grandma’ when I was a little girl. I miss her very, very much!”

2. “Mom and I got matching pieces when she turned 70. Cool day.”

3. “In honor of my cat who looks (and acts) just like him”

4. “My parents’ wedding photo”

5. “After years of fighting depression. This is how I expressed my thoughts.”

6. “My daughter’s voice saying, ’I love you, baba,’ done by Rooly Carther”

7. “Not an intricate piece, but my very first tattoo to honor my autistic grandson. So pleased with it.”

8. “In memory of my beautiful Grandad. The first thing he would say was, ’who wants a cup of tea?’”

9. “A recreation of my grandpa’s 50-year-old tattoo”

10. “Best friend passed away last year. Got my first tattoo to remember all the good times we had.”

11. “I used to write this on my arm with a Sharpie in high school. In February, I finally got to meet my favorite band and the lead singer wrote it out so I could get it tattooed.”

12. “Tattoo with my siblings, done by Frantz at Frantz Ink Studio”

13. “This is my cat.”

14. “My first tattoo, an homage to the neighborhood I spent so much of my childhood in”

This is the town of Bikini Bottom from SpongeBob.

15. “The tick mark signifies me being one year without bad habits.”

16. “Dog/galaxy memorial tattoo”

17. “This tattoo is in memory of my granny and the many times she reminded me just how much she loved me before she passed.”

“During a casual conversation, at the end of a phone call, or within a letter, she always said ’I love you so much’ in the sincerest way.”

18. “My grandparents’ first date 54 years ago”

19. “Moved from Sydney to Ireland when I was 10. I’m 20 now, and here’s my first tattoo.”

20. “First tattoo. Each tree symbolizes a loved one in my life + a faded one for my mom who passed. Love the simplicity.”

If you decided to get a memorable tattoo, what would it be? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit PamfromTheOffice / Imgur


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