15 People Whose Ages Are Difficult to Crack Even for Sherlock Holmes

year ago

There are many factors that affect visible signs of aging in our face or body — these include genetics, sun exposure, diet and other habits. That’s why some people can look too old or too young for their age.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 15 individuals who serve as perfect examples of how the face sometimes doesn’t match the age, and as a fun challenge, we want you to guess their actual years too.

1. “My boyfriend said, ’You look like the pumpkin picture.’ Me in 7th grade vs me today.”

  • swear she has “Benjamin buttoned.”

2. “I’m guessing this guy is 21 or 22.”

3. “The greatest picture of me: 7 or 43 with a mortgage, an ex-husband, and 5 cats?”

4. “Man, you look 30.”

  • Me, at age 17, the first time I let my beard properly grow.

5. “As a 10-year-old boy, I looked like a 30-year-old lesbian.”

6. “Thoughts on the beard?”

7. “I’m not that old or young but just curious how old do you think I am?”

8. “My brother asked me to guess his age and I said 42.”

9. “You do look 13.”

10. “If I had to guess her age, I’d go with 23 at the most.”

  • Yeah, my mom is one of those people.

11. “At first glance, you look something like 17 years old.”

12. “I’m younger than you think.”

  • 21, but will be 22 in 2 days.

13. “I bet you still get carded.”

  • I’ll be 30 this year, and I’m excited.

14. “My first guess was 20.”

15. “This is literally a 9-year-old in a suit and you cannot tell me otherwise.”

  • People often say I look too young to be doing a doctorate. I’m 26, believe it or not."

Do you know anyone who looks either older or younger than their actual age?


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