15 People Who Left The Groomers With a Whole Different Pet

2 years ago

Furry pets sometimes need a bit of hairstyling. However, in some cases, the before-and-afters are so extreme, we don’t recognize our animals at first glance. Whether it’s a dog that got a bowl cut or a cat that now looks like a dinosaur, the trip to the groomers doesn’t always turn out as we expect.

Now I’ve Seen Everything shows you some fascinating, and even hysterical, results of pet grooming.

1. “I don’t think he likes the haircut.”

2. “This is what happens when you let your boyfriend take the cat to the groomer.”

3. “Fired my groomer today.”

4. “My dogs had a run-in with a bad groomer.”

5. “When you tell the groomer that your dog looks way too cute, and he fixes it.”

6. “My wife took our dog to the groomer and picked up Severus Snape.”

7. At least now we know what this breed looks like without its fur.

8. “It was so long, she couldn’t see, so I tried my best, but poor Maggie May deserved better!”

9. “My Persian cat got into a fight and his fur got so entangled we had to shave him. He was not pleased.”

10. He’s back to being a puppy.

11. “So my brother-in-law had Petco take a little off the top of his dog.”

12. We love that the groomer didn’t get rid of this pup’s wild, spiky hairstyle.

13. As long as he’s happy, we’re happy.

14. “Wife told me to trim the dog.”

15. “Something went wrong at the groomer.”

Are you always happy with your pet’s haircut? Do you have any amusing before and after photos of your own?

Preview photo credit Inazumaryoku / Reddit


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