15 People Whose Creative Inventions Are Unique but Slightly Questionable

2 years ago

Sometimes weird ideas can lead people to invent something completely new and awesome that can change lives for the better. But there are also other times when attempts at creating something turn out straight-up strange. Anyway, oftentimes, the process of making something with your own 2 hands is all that matters, and it always brings satisfaction.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found some inventions that raise a question or 2 but are extremely interesting and unique either way.

“Still not certain why I made this denim armchair...”

Trust us, it’s really convenient!

“Why? WHY? It’s torturing me. WHY?!”

Who needs a disco ball when you’ve got a disco...nutcracker?!

“Some people online didn’t like my latest craft project. Can you believe it? As for me, I think it’s my best work so far!”

“My friend made this abomination recently.”

“My mom is at it again! Ladies and gents, here’s a vase made out of cloth and cement!”

— “Do you want to have a picnic or swing on a swing?”
— “Yes.”

“Last week, my boss realized that a broken office chair fits my bike seat tube...”

“My mother-in-law’s latest creation: an indoor wind chime made of old silverware”

Denim basket, denim everything...

We bet this car runs on pure creativity!

“Behold — I made this sweater out of dryer fluff!”

“So what? There wasn’t enough room for my dad’s toes!”

Let there be light!

Which of these inventions would you use in your own household? Tell us in the comments!


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