15 People Whose Second-Hand Finds Were Off the Charts

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When we think of shopping, it’s often all about “out with the old, in with the new”. That’s usually because people either forget about or ignore the option to buy things second-hand. Fortunately, however, there’s an ever bigger movement online that proves that thrift and charity stores, flea markets or estate sales are chock full of treasures looking for a second chance at shining.

1. “I thought this was just a bangle at first. It cost $5.”

2. “A wingsuit I found at a thrift shop”

3. “The Olympic jacket I got at a thrift store had the original owner’s I.D badge inside one of the pockets.”

4. “I found the perfect chair for my balcony at an estate sale today.”

5. “An espresso machine made in Italy for $10 — it works great.”

6. “I found at local Goodwill an exact copy of the sweater my mom has owned for at least a couple of decades.”

7. “Happy owner of what has to be the coolest tissue container ever.”

8. “This globe-wernicke metal barrister case was a whopping $50. They retail for hundreds to thousands of dollars.”

9. “A Loewe ’puzzle’ bag in pristine condition for $20 at Goodwill — it usually retails at $2,590.”

10. “I got a pair of Louis Vuitton x Colette sneakers for $15. Only 50 pairs of these shoes were ever produced, and their retail price was $715.”

11. “3 designer blazers on the same trip to Goodwill, under $15 for all 3”

12. “Found this limited edition Taz Polaroid camera at the thrift shop today!”

13. “I found a pair of antipaparazzi pants at the thrift store.”

14. “I found this film photo in a Seattle antique store. It features Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon.”

15. “I thrifted a vintage gown that resembles the lamé dress Marilyn Monroe wore. I did not nail the pose, I know.”

What was the last item you purchased in a second-hand store? What’s the greatest bargain you’ve ever gotten a hold of? Let us see your own gems!

Preview photo credit Mercury90210 / Reddit


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