15+ People With Hearts of Gold That Make Our World a Much Better Place

2 years ago

When we’re being kind, we make others’ lives brighter, even if it feels like it’s something small and insignificant. It can be, for example, leaving someone a couple of dollars to make their day better or giving water to ducks on a hot day. Scientists say that doing good deeds is beneficial for you too: volunteering, for one, leads to a 24% lower risk of early death.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything want to share these stories about people’s limitless kindness to brighten up your day.

1. This railing in Naples was etched with braille by a local artist. It describes the view to the visually-impaired.

2. “Girl in a wheelchair being lifted to see the front stage at the Escapade Music Festival, Ottawa”

3. “These gentlemen make around a thousand toy tops for Ronald McDonald House each year.”

4. “Cut off over 12 inches to donate to Locks of Love!”

5. “This man allowed a special needs person he didn’t know to hold his hand on a crowded bus.”

6. “My neighbor had a plant potted in a cardboard box, and I had a spare pot, so I dropped one off at her door with a note. The next day, I opened my door to this.”

7. “I have an unusually close relationship with my pizza lady. I told her I was pregnant, and she made an extra little pizza ‘for the baby’ and refused to charge us. I made her a wool version of my baby pizza as a thank you!”

8. “On a road trip and saw this lovely old lady giving water to a family of ducks who were miles from a body of water on a 101°F day.”

9. “Meer seconds after she said yes.”

10. “Found and returned a man’s homemade drone & GoPro 8 while diving in the American River!”

11. “Reddit strangers helped supply my classroom!”

12. “Bought a used car from an older gentleman and found this after I got home.”

13. “I gave a thirsty snake a little drink of water in drought-ridden South Carolina.”

14. “A complete stranger and I got tattoos of each other’s face.”

15. “I’ve had a bad month so far, but someone had some cupcakes delivered with a sweet note in them. It made my day!”

16. “Over 400 community members turn out to search for a missing 4-year-old girl in a rural Upper Peninsula town. The girl was missing for almost 24 hours and she was found!”

17. “Someone left a ‘money for nothing’ card at our local downtown train station. No, I didn’t take it.”

18. “3 years ago today, a stranger saved my life. I asked my gaming community for a real-life superhero who would donate a kidney to me. She was a match!”

What unexpected act of kindness have you received or performed? Share your stories with us!

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