20 Pics That Show What Happens When Creative Juices Run Wild

2 years ago

There are many things to consider when designing an object, including its functionality and aesthetics. However, some designers decide to bend the rules and treat the products as “art pieces” that are open to interpretation. And the results of their overflowing creativity may be weird, but definitely one-of-a-kind.

Get your brain cells ready to analyze these designs, as Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 20 items that were definitely born out of a wild imagination.

1. “The eyes. I can feel them on me, looking deep into my soul.”

2. “The shoes I discovered in a second-hand shop”

3. “I found it in Germany in front of a museum”

4. A romantic tea set.

5. Chicken wing sculpture

6. “Bowling shoe heels”

7. “These chairs at a 3-star Japanese restaurant.”

8. “My mom found this for $9. It’s a sculpture of a hand using a feather to tickle a foot.”

9. “I found this in a house that’s for sale nearby.”

10. “When you have to be in the carpool at 8 AM and the swimming pool at 6 PM.”

11. “A chair I saw at my job.”

12. “I saw the hotdog candle here last week. Here is the whole collection.”

13. This deer foot lamp

14. “A ceramic cup that looks like a plastic cup that has ants on it”

15. Croc skates

16. “A 3-legged table that my boss found and put in my office.”

17. “This sculpture of a rock climber in a hospital ward”

18. Women’s toilet entrance

19. A scarf made of socks

20. Fish slippers... or “flippers” if you will.

What was the most unusual thing that you saw recently? What do you think about modern art?


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