15 Pets Who Radiate Love in Everything They Do

2 years ago

There’s nothing more rewarding than having an animal’s unconditional trust and love. When your dog’s favorite place is by your side on the couch or your cat lives to be snuggled up with you, life gains new colors. And some animals go even further than that by showing immense appreciation to other furry pals. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

Now I’ve Seen Everything introduces you to pets who are nothing but kind and sweet souls.

1. “She LOVES her dad.”

2. “I’d been looking for my slippers all over the house, then I saw her like this.”

3. “I caught this absolute angel begging for treats.”

4. “When they sleep, they cuddle in the shape of a heart!”

5. “My rescue kitten has bonded with my dog, and it makes my heart melt.”

6. “What my students can’t see while I’m online teaching”

7. “My wife loves fostering kittens. I walked in to find this litter all cuddled up together!”

8. “After 3 long months of trying to get her trust, this cutie has finally adopted me!”

9. “I took a photo of this cute dog in my building, and she started singing in the middle of the photo!”

10. The sleeping kingdom

11. “Even after 10 years, some things never change.”

12. “This cat climbs the tree every day to say hi to the house cat.”

13. “We had no plans to adopt our current foster dog, but then this happened.”

14. “I told him to smile for the camera, but I didn’t think he actually would!”

15. “It’s the first time they’ve slept with each other in the 6 years of them growing up together. Hope they only get closer!”

Do you have a cat or dog that’s devilishly charming? Show their photos in the comments below and tell us their stories.

Preview photo credit rijoys / Reddit


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