15 Photos Showing Our Furry Friends May Age, but They Are Still Our Little Bundles of Joy

2 years ago

It seems like just yesterday, your 10-year-old dog was an adorable, clumsy puppy who could only fall asleep when you were near. You blinked, and he turned into a senior dog who needs your help more than ever before.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything know that your love for your four-legged friend only grows stronger as they get older. And we gathered 15 photos of elder pets that will warm your heart.

1. “My 10+ year old adopted girl Alma in the sweater my mom knitted for her”

2. “Here is my 16-year-old man, Sparky, who fell asleep while we were picking apples yesterday at the orchard. I know he’s old, but I truly realized it now because he’s never dozed off doing this tradition before.”

3. “Bubba is our old rescue boi. He and dad like to sleep in on the weekend, but this morning he got tucked in because we had a breakfast date with a friend.”

4. “Old man Tommy (15) in his 2 states: sleeping and going out for slow walks”

5. “Here’s my big girl, Indy, who will be turning 11 this year in December. :) She’s old for her breed, but still acts like a puppy.”

6. “This is Baxter. 9 years ago, he was a tiny free puppy at a garage sale, and now he’s the happiest, most handsome old man.”

7. “Gave my 16-year-old cat a bath yesterday, and she clearly was not a fan.”

8. “Sadie (11) is very happy that we’re all staying home. Here she is supervising my schoolwork.”

9. “Pecas is 13 and in his prime.”

10. “21-year-old Oliver just living his best life napping all day!”

11. “Ginger (13) after waking up from one of her many daily naps”

12. “Ozzie (13) patiently waiting for me to drop another pepperoni”

13. “Maisie will be approximately 10 next year, I am lucky enough to have had her for the past 9.”

14. “Old Man Cooper, he’s 8 years old and still wants to play with the neighborhood kids.”

15. “Mork, living his best life. He just turned 9 years old last month.”

Do you have an elderly pet at home? What does your furry friend enjoy doing the most that makes you laugh? Share your photos and stories in the comment section!

Preview photo credit Kattekvinnen / Reddit


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