15 Photos Showing That Kindness Is the Magic Potion That Cures Everything

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Many people around us seem to have lost their faith in kindness and humanity, but there are ways to restore them. First of all, be very careful of what you post and consume on social media since that’s where most of the negativity exists. Then you can start participating in volunteering projects and spread as much good as possible. Keep in mind that kindness is rooted in all of us and we just need to discover it in order to start spreading it.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to remind people to be kind to every single being around them and spread the messages of love and compassion.

1. “Passersby offers water to an exhausted Himalayan Griffon Vulture on the roadside at Ankola, India.”

2. “Dad sleeps downstairs on the sofa bed with his elderly dog to keep him company since the dog can’t get up the stairs anymore.”

3. This man who is feeding a stray kitten on the subway.

4. They hadn’t seen each other since daycare closed, so their parents arranged a playdate.

5. “I was homeless for 3 years. Monday, I began my career as the coordinator of a homeless shelter.”

6. “I met this kid at an orphanage in Tanzania and told him I’d pay for his school to become a doctor if he studied well. He just got into medical school. I’m as proud as a mother hen.”

7. “I’m a cook in a restaurant. Someone came in and gave these to the manager and told her to give them to every employee.”

8. “My 8-year-old daughter has been growing her hair for 2 years to donate it to a charity that makes wigs for cancer kids who cannot afford them. Today was the day she had it cut.”

9. “My friend is eating a burger with prosthetic hands that I designed and built for him!”

10. Stressed out? Ben is here to help!

11. “My 19-year-old son with autism loves walking to the post office, so I put a request on Facebook. Now he’s received over 3,200 letters and packages with kind words from over 24 countries.”

12. “Bought something for our dog, but he died before it got here. Not only did they refund us the money, they also found a florist in our area and sent us flowers in the color of his fur.”

13. “12 years ago I was homeless. Today I’m a homeowner.”

14. “People have been leaving these packages of socks, hats, scarfs, and gloves around my city.”

15. “My mom does this every year for the trash men.”

Do you think that our planet is in desperate need of kindness, and if so, what nice actions do you do for those around you?

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