15 People Whose Vacation Turned Into an Unexpected Disappointment

year ago

People have unlucky and bad moments all the time, but when these moments happen on vacation it hurts a bit more. That’s because you expect and you need your time off to be careless and problem-free. But life never stops and negative things can happen whenever, wherever. All that matters is that you don’t let them completely ruin your time and mood.

1. “Got something extra in my morning coffee today.”

2. “Paid extra for this ’window’ seat.”

3. “The hotel promised us a sea-view room. They actually weren’t lying.”

VanjOK / Pikabu

4. “What may look like wet sand on the back of our dog is actually rotting fish fat. It was meant to be a short stop by the sea on our road trip... 3 showers and 2 days later she still stinks.”

5. “We’re 2 days away from our vacation. Mice just ruined our boat.”

6. “Wanted to bake myself a birthday cake, but didn’t have the right ingredients. Decided to wing it anyways and here is the result.”

7. “Haven’t eaten in 12 hours on a road trip. Ordered a regular Beef n’ Cheddar roast beef along the way. This is what I received.”

8. “My puppy chewed up my passport days before international travel.”

9. “Traveled to Norway from Florida, spent 4 hours climbing pulpit rock in 40° weather with rain to be blessed with this.”

10. “Stuck on a mountain with a broken car, what do I do? Put music on, dance and enjoy the heat.”

11. “Going on a 2-week vacation and just realized my headphones aren’t in the case.”

12. “Learned my lesson about following spray tan instructions.”

13. “Apparently our hotel took our request for a mini-fridge very literally. Banana for scale”

14. “This is what I saw when I checked into my hotel last night.”

15. “My phone fell out of my pocket on my flight to Tokyo last week (going on vacation). The moving of the seat crushed it.”


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