15 Photos That Give Away the Real Size of Objects Only by Comparison

year ago

Most of us have the size of certain things imprinted in our minds. Whether it’s an iPhone or a simple book, it’s hard to imagine these things as either tiny or giant. But the truth is, everything can gain a whole new dimension when compared to something else, like a pencil that’s absolutely huge next to a feather.

Now I’ve Seen Everything selected a few fascinating pics that put the true magnitude of things in perspective.

1. “My new phone and my newborn for scale”

2. The snail has enormously increased in size in just a year.

3. This book is 16 times bigger than a man’s hand.

4. A big cat and a small cat

5. “The biggest mushroom I’ve ever seen, hand for comparison.”

6. The moment when the biggest and smallest horses met

7. “My mom next to this moderately sized cactus”

8. Opo squash that grew taller than it usually does

9. “Last night I captured a rare event, the ISS crossing the surface of the moon”

10. “Found some tiny dice. Here’s a normal-sized die for reference.”

11. A tiny feather of a bird compared to a pencil

12. “I didn’t realize how tiny she was when I first got her.”

13. The size difference between my husband’s ring and mine

14. Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal’s size 22 shoes compared to a full-size basketball

15. Meet Simba, one of the biggest breeds of dogs.

Size contrast can be really spectacular! We’d love to know what picture impressed you the most in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit z4cd / Reddit


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