15+ Photos That Prove Humor Is the Key to Family Happiness

year ago

There is a saying that goes, “All happy families are alike.” And the major element of family happiness is humor, which makes family bonds even stronger. In fact, only people who are really close can laugh at each other and enjoy those jokes together.

“Happy birthday!”

“My wife said she wanted a small coffee table.”

“Sandwich only sits with my wife, but I think I’ve found a way to beat the system.”

“My girlfriend loaned her sister the car for a day and then received this cake.”

“My wife thought this would be funny.”

“I bought my grandma this hooded blanket for Christmas and caught my dog staring at her while she made oatmeal.”

“I miss my family. I wish we could all get together like last year. I’m on the right.”

“My 6-foot-tall son (13 years old) thinks it’s funny to put things just out of my reach.”

“How to get everyone in the family photo”

“I got my brother a spare part for his bike for Christmas. I only spent about 4 hours wrapping it.”

“My great-uncle is a mechanic. This is how he decided to paint a propane tank in his garage.”

“I changed this 4 days ago. The wife still hasn’t noticed. I wonder how many days it will last?”

“I got my wife some zip-up pajamas for Christmas.”

“My wife went shopping and got me a one-item scarf.”

“I just moved in with my girlfriend and her 3 teenage daughters. It’s been a while since they’ve had a handyman around.”

These photos were taken by ordinary people. And we believe that there should be more funny stories like this online. That’s why we’d love it if you shared your photos in the comments below. And we’ll make sure they’ll be seen by as many people as possible.

Preview photo credit ConsistentNot / Reddit


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