20 Pics That Can Make You Beg For an Explanation

2 years ago

Scientists learned that our brains create our own realities and that, when faced with unclear images, they analyze the information based on past experiences and expectations. The extremely confusing photos on this list, however, may make our brains work a bit harder to figure them out.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 20 peculiar scenes that will make you want to look for answers.

1. “It’s either they really want to keep the camper dry, or they really like their privacy.”

2. “He was sitting and eating McDonald’s while catching Pokémon in the middle of the airport.”

3. “This limo jet I saw”

4. “Camel toe heels”

5. A fascinating couple

6. Very original choice

7. “An interesting house being built in my hometown in Bulgaria”

8. Random, late-night things

9. ’’I saw a superhero on the way to work.’’

10. ’’Found this pointy balcony.’’

11. ’’I saw this gentleman at the Apple Store.’’

12. “My aunt sat close to this person on an airplane.”

13. The cow house

14. “This weird photo I found for $3 at a thrift shop.”

15. ’’My client’s toilet art piece’’

16. “Saw this car the other day.”

17. “Clock in my school’s band practice room”

18. ’’Went to see Monument Valley. The view was amazing.’’

19. “I need an explanation.”

20. “After years of saving, I finally bought a house.”

When was the last time you felt completely surprised by a sight or a person? What is your way of standing out and being unique?


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