19 Times When Reality Had a Good Laugh About People’s Expectations

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Life without surprises would probably be boring and predictable, but it’s impossible to know for sure because reality always has something to amaze us with. Unfortunately, the surprises are often quite unpleasant, especially when you have to pay for them.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything may also get disappointed when we open a package from an online store or a pack of takeout food. However, when we saw what the people from our compilation had to deal with, we realized that we were actually quite lucky.

19. “My husband ordered a hand-painted photo of us for our anniversary. It’s humbling, to say the least.”

18. “Spent $40 on my manicure.”

17. Big Ben is different now.

16. Technically, they didn’t even lie.

15. The picture on the pack vs reality

14. And this is the new norm.

13. “When the manicurist was done, she admired her own work and said, ’This is better than what you showed me!’”

12. “Scotland, expectation vs reality”

11. “I am not Groot.”

10. There’s nothing magical about these unicorn marshmallows.

9. Almost half of the Oreo pack is...air.

8. “Bought some clothes off Amazon.”

7. “A Facebook friend went to visit a bamboo bridge and rice field in Thailand that she saw on Google, unfortunately, during the dry season.”

6. “This is not at all what I had in mind when I bought this balloon ball.”

5. The manufacturer probably sees zero difference.

4. Tattoo artists do what they want.

3. Snow in New York: expectation vs reality

2. “I got no broccoli.”

1. “My evening is ruined.”

Do you prefer to hope for the best, or do you think we shouldn’t expect too much in order not to be disappointed later?

Preview photo credit MissGinnyW / Reddit


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