15+ Pics That Are So Confusing They’ll Make You Look Twice (or Maybe More)

2 years ago

As humans, we have very sophisticated eyes, but our vision is still imperfect in many regards. For example, we all have a blind spot — you can even try to see (or rather not see) it following these instructions. So, a lot of things might confuse us when we first look at them, especially if the perspective is rather unusual.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered some pictures that are not at all what they seem at first sight.

“My dog likes to sit here, but he isn’t right now”

“Is it a wall or the truck’s container?”

“Just my dad and his dog.”

“Tiny horses on a fence”

“When you forget how cat anatomy works”

“Roasting my hot dog over an open flame”

“These mushy eggs.”

“Real-life centaur”

“This imported salmon is so tightly wrapped in plastic it appears to not be wrapped at all.”

“Camouflage leggings doing their job”

“Seen on the London Underground.”

“That is a really small shower.”

“Guinea pig’s muzzle looks like a mandrill’s face”

“The shadow of my chimney makes me look like Lord Farquad (Shrek).”

“My dog looks like an AI-generated mess.”

“This piece of ginger looks like a rabbit.”


“At first I thought my friend’s dog’s nostril was his eye.”

Have you ever come across something that wasn’t really what it seemed to be? Share your stories and pictures in the comments!

Preview photo credit sodiumboss / Reddit


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