15 Pics That Played With Our Imagination

2 years ago

Sometimes we trick ourselves because our eyes and brain don’t always translate reality as it actually is. That’s how we end up seeing our own dog with its leg in its mouth instead of under it. This phenomenon creates super fascinating alternative interpretations of what’s going on in an image. If you have the time, it’s basically never-ending amusement.

Now I’ve Seen Everything invites you to check out a few double-faced photos.

1. “My dog’s leg under her head seems to be coming through her mouth.”

2. It’s a tree bunny.

3. “Believe it or not, this is the back, where you put your face.”

4. “My sister’s hand passing through my cat’s body”

5. “The power went out at the Sears Tower.”

6. “A rail support on a tram”

7. “The shutter speed made it look like the propeller was melting.”

8. “This reflective light switch on a mirror”

9. “My dad thought this stone looked so much like an owl, he made it a little stand.”

10. “The sunrise with thick fog made downtown LA look like it was on fire.”

11. Sad potato

12. “Found this very unnerving tree in Portland, Oregon.”

13. Huge microphone

14. “Okay guys, break it up.”

15. “My cousin is so laid back, he looks like he’s in The Matrix.”

What’s the most confusing thing you’ve ever seen? How long did it take you to understand it?

Preview photo credit RayP***ertonIII / Reddit


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