15 Pics That Prove Online Shopping Can Be a Risky Rabbit Hole to Fall Into

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Online shopping is one convenient and time-saving option. But since you only get to physically see the item as soon as it arrives, there’s always the risk of not getting what you asked for. You’ll just have to place your trust in the ads and product photos, and hope for the best that you do not receive a disappointing surprise.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 15 people, who learned their lesson the hard way after their online shopping experience ended in funny fails.

1. “A friend of mine ordered a bamboo plant online, and today, it arrived in all its glory.”

2. “I bought some tweezers on eBay. I then complained as they were tiny. The guy sent me these. Well played, sir.”

3. “My dad bought these slippers thinking they were Supreme slippers for a very cheap price. Do I tell him?”

4. “I saw this online and I’ve honestly never been more afraid. Meet Pickolus Cage.”

5. “Never buy a cat tree online.”

6. “I know buying aquarium driftwood online is a risk, but this was ridiculous.”

7. “Technically, it’s correct after ordering 5 meters of garden hose online for pickup.”

8. “It turns out I’m not very good at online shopping.”

9. “A friend bought a $600 Apple Watch. This is what came.”

10. “My friend ordered a broom online, and this is how they shipped it.”

11. “I ordered my tomato plants online this year... I think I will shop local from now on.”

12. “I ordered a small-sized dress! Here’s what I got!”

13. “My boss bought 50 chairs in an online auction. It wasn’t until we went to pick them up that we realized it was at an elementary school.”

14. “A customer bought wheels and tires online.”

15. “Thought I’d try online shopping...”

What curious things about online shopping have happened to you? Do you prefer buying from websites or from physical stores?

Preview photo credit One_TAIM / Reddit


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