15 People Whose Fail-ometer Reached the Highest Level Possible

2 years ago

Many songs are titled Nobody’s Perfect, including one by British sensation Jessie J. Although the expression might sound cliché, it’s the perfect thing to tell yourself when you have a bad day. Whether it’s your fault or someone else’s, things happen and some folks online sure know all about it.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you a compilation of ultimate facepalms.

1. “Get him a bed, they said.”

2. “I decided to change barbers. I also have a date in 1 hour.”

3. “I tried to paint my girlfriend.”

4. “I broke my apple slicer and accidentally created a very dangerous apple.”

5. “Today is not my day, apparently.”

6. “Dog and house sitting for a week. They told me to keep the dogs in the basement.”

7. “I just pulled into our campsite 450 miles away from home.”

8. “Boyfriend made pizza and left it in the oven for 5 hours. I’m no longer the bad cook of the family.”

9. ’’My brother wanted a wireless mouse, and a kid wanted to help.’’

10. ’’How my mom’s surprise birthday cake arrived’’

11. ’’I missed my breakfast’’

12. “I asked the guy at the pet shop to cut only the bangs out of my dog’s eyes, but then he came back an 80-year-old bald sir.”

13. “I fell asleep on my charging cable. I have client-facing Zoom meetings today.”

14. “I have a school concert in 2.5 hours.”

15. “I walked around all day with a thong hanging out of my hood.”

How often do you experience unfortunate situations? Do you have any secrets that help you to turn your luck around?

Preview photo credit Mufadal84 / Reddit


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