18 Situations That Gave Us Enough Tears of Laughter to Fill a Sea

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We can always find a lesson or a reason to smile, even in the most unfortunate situations. And some people have a talent for turning an annoying event into a funny story they share with their friends or folks online. Because they know that things will eventually change for the better and laughter is the most powerful reaction in the face of bad luck.

1. At daycare

2. It shrank!

3. “I guess I’m not very good at drawing.”

4. “How our cat, Millie, lets us know someone is here”

5. “My picture vs my wife’s picture”

6. “I tried to make my husband cookies for his birthday.”

7. “These gingerbread men”

8. “I found a baby picture of Felix. Just us looking confused.”

9. “I found it in its natural habitat, the Meier parking lot.”

10. “This tent looked a lot bigger on the website.”

11. “When you just want one nice family photo, but she’s obsessed:”

12. “My friend was spooked when he saw this in his office’s parking lot. I love people with 2 humorous doggos.”

13. “I can finally be cheap on tips!”

14. “These bins in Barcelona have a free throw line and a 3-point arc.”

15. “At The Piano Guys in concert in DC, my son couldn’t stay awake. Still got a picture with the guys!”

16. I told my brother: ’’Get the bag of potato, peel half of them, and boil them.’’

17. ’’My friend caught the bouquet. That is her boyfriend’s reaction.’’

18. ’’The only baby pic I own. Why?!’’

Did any of the above pics remind you of a funny situation you once experienced yourself? We’d love for you to share it in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit OhCaptainDem / Reddit


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