15 Things That Went Into Ninja Mode and Hid in Plain Sight

2 years ago

On rare occasions, the game Where’s Waldo? jumps from the pages of its books straight to the real world. But this time, you aren’t looking for Waldo; you’re just trying to find your cat around the house or wondering why your body lotion perfectly blends in with your bathroom tiles. And it’s crazy how random yet mind-blowing these accidental camouflages can get.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you some true tests of vision that people spotted in the wild.

1. “My dad burnt a pancake so bad it camouflages with the black pan.”

2. It took 10 minutes to find the dropped Oreo.

3. “My debit card blends into this old cabinet.”

4. Now nobody can see you work out!

5. “The water reflecting off our old trampoline makes it look invisible.”

6. “This bar of silver looks transparent on my countertop.”

7. “This ethyl alcohol bottle looks like a water bottle.”

8. “Wearing the floor today...”

9. “I am the chosen one by nature.”

10. The new Softsoap body scrub is made from pulverized bathroom tile for extra efficiency.

11. “I guess we have a new appliance.”

12. “There are 4 pets in this photo.”

13. Hiding in plain sight

14. “One of my picks camouflages quite well on my guitar.”

15. “This dragonfly has the same color pattern as my swim shorts.”

Have you or your pet ever camouflaged in a similar way? Share your best pictures with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit sms42069 / Reddit


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