15+ Thrifty People Who Decided to Make Luxury Items Themselves Instead of Buying Them

2 years ago

Saving money is always a good reason to make people use their creativity. With a few supplies and a lot of craftiness, some manage to create things that can only be found in luxury stores. The heroes of this article know perfectly well that they can make almost anything without breaking the bank.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we applaud the work of these craft masters, who didn’t need to spend a fortune to get beautiful items.

1. “At a fashion show, I noticed a bag that looked like a string bag. And because I liked it so much, I decided to make one. When I found out that it was by Prada and that it cost €1350, I wanted to make it even more.”

Of course, there are differences. You could use a thicker rope and make the handles shorter, but considering that mine doesn’t cost €1350, I’m very satisfied with the result! © ThinkThinly / Pikabu

2. “I painted flowers on my motorcycle helmet with feathers and markers. Then I covered it with enamel.”

3. “Hand-stitched shoes”

4. “The Bridge, another cat tree I just finished”

5. “ITAP of my very first woodworking project”

6. “The fiancée wanted a new bed, so while she was out of town, I built her one. First real attempt at building furniture, and turned out surprisingly good.”

7. “My husband and I made this chair together. He did all of the woodworking, and I did all of the macramé.”

8. “It took 3 months, but my 7-year-old finally finished his first nightstand!”

9. “I made a new jacket for my son.”

10. “Completed my stepson’s dream bed.”

11. “Not particularly cool or well done, but today, I made my first backpack!”

12. “My FIL took up woodworking when he retired. He started with pens, but now he has grandchildren.”

13. “I finished my first 100-day project! 100 days, 100 blocks, one giant quilt!”

14. “I made this hand-tooled leather bag with many tiny details.”

15. “Wife wanted a coffee table, so we went and built one out of recycled lumber. Total monetary investment: $4.67”

16. “Left: Teuta cobalt starry dress, Right: Me”

17. “Finished my strawberry dress recreation! I spent about $50.”

What can you make with your own hands?


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