15 Online Ads That Deceived People Beyond Imagination

2 years ago

Most of us have been in the position where we see something online, we love it, and we place an order. However, very few people read the small print that mention the actual size of a product or the materials it’s made of. That’s why when we receive the product, the quality is 100 times worse than the pictures and the size is like a miniature.

Now I’ve Seen Everything feels sorry for everyone who’s had such a bad shopping experience, but it should make you feel better that we’ve all been there.

1. “So..this is what I ordered from AliExpress. What was I thinking?”

2. “This $40 doll that my mother got online.”

3. “What I ordered vs what I got”

4. “My wife thought the skillet would be a little bigger.”

5. “When will I learn? This is a skirt I ordered online.”

6. “A letdown, for sure...”

7. “Be careful where you order from — what my mom ordered for me vs what I got.”

8. “$60 ’professional’ Halloween makeup. I asked for the photo on the left, with just a little fake blood. On the right is what the makeup artist gave me.”

9. “My husband ordered this for our daughter who loves Labyrinth.”

10. “The baby Yoda glass I ordered...my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.”

11. “My buddy ordered this pillow for his daughter.”

12. “I was hoping for ’boho chic’ decor.”

13. “A ’tie-dyed’ shirt I ordered online.”

14. “Stella is less than pleased with her pool.”

15. “Kids’ birthday cake gone goth”

What has been your most disappointing experience with online shopping and how did you handle it?

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