15 Thrilling Photos That Instantly Kick Boredom Away

2 years ago

Our brain sometimes likes to play tricks on us by making us believe in something that doesn’t quite match reality. That phenomenon becomes even more bewildering when strangers bond online over how they all see what they’re not supposed to. Whether it’s a bag that’s seemingly come alive or a hole that somehow disguised itself as a water bottle, these confusing scenarios are always entertaining.

Now I’ve Seen Everything picked some photos that captured optical illusions in the real world.

1. “This cat and my shadow frighten me whenever I go to the kitchen at night.”

2. “Looks like there are brain folds at the bottom of a crockpot of apple cider.”

3. “This leather bag”

4. “I found my doppelgänger at a bar, dressed like me!”

5. “Help!! My dog is melting into a puddle!!”

6. “Standing on the edge of a skyscraper?”

7. “This lampost”

8. “Me at 35 vs. my sister at 41 — people think I’m her uncle. This pic doesn’t even do it justice!”

9. “My cat looking like she’s sitting on the houses”

10. A mini kiwi

11. “A dry cleaning stall in Singapore that looks like a giant washing machine”

12. “I dropped my broom in the lake. The way my light shines makes it look like a screenshot of a glitch in a videogame.”

13. “These olives have a galaxy in them.”

14. This hole in the concrete looks like a water bottle.

15. “It looks like the girl on the left was facing her friend, then turned her head unnaturally at the last second.”

Which photo left your head spinning with confusion? Have you taken any photos that you think we would like? Please share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit A_Neko_C / Reddit


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