20 People Who Did Not Want Pets, But Have Now Reached the Point of No Return

2 years ago

Some people have a natural affinity toward having pets because of their upbringing or genetics, according to research. While others have legitimate reasons for not wanting an animal inside their house. But for those who’ve opened their doors to furry friends, they eventually found themselves falling in love with their little companions.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected photos of people who didn’t want pets, but changed their minds after these endearing animals captured their hearts.

1. “He swears he hates cats, especially this ’manipulative’ one.”

2. “He thought Mabel was ’gross’ when we first got her. Now she sleeps with us so she ’doesn’t get cold.’”

3. “’No dogs in the house,’ he once said.”

4. “There is nothing good about cats” — my dad

5. “She hates cats and vowed that she wanted nothing to do with Strix. Their evening ritual is cuddling together and watching TV until they fall asleep.”

6. “I don’t want a dog in this house.”

7. “This is my dad, who said he hates cats, and my cat.”

8. “’I don’t like dogs...’ One year later.”

9. “I was the one who didn’t want pets and still we decided to foster this guy, and my wife caught this moment of us together.”

10. “I’m not a bird person.”

11. “My BF did not want to keep this kitten, but today I found a dozen selfies on his phone like this... Guess it stays.”

12. “My husband after not seeing him for almost 2 weeks. Forget greeting the wife and children. He missed his ’baby!’”

13. ’’’I hate cats, why do you want one?’ 2 months later..."

14. “Got Leeroy a couple of weeks back. My girlfriend didn’t want a cat and still tells friends she doesn’t like him. Yeah... ok.”

15. “I don’t like dogs. I am just not a dog person.”

16. “Dad went from not allowing her inside the house, to threatening to kick her out every day, to getting grumpy about ’KitKat not spending enough time with him’ when I’m around.”

17. “He was originally opposed to getting kittens. ’Don’t move them! They like sleeping on the bed!’”

18. “Dad then: ’Dogs are too much responsibility.’ Dad now: ’He is my favorite... he goes to the park with me every morning.’”

19. “Just to clarify, these are your cats! I want nothing to do with them!”

20. “My dad thought ferrets were just big rats... now he’s Ozzie’s best friend.”

Did anyone in your home not want a pet before they ended up with one? How long did they need to become best friends with your pet? How many pets do you have?

Preview photo credit iamtheliquor42069 / reddit


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