20 Funny Design Fails That May Make You Facepalm

2 years ago

About 70% of employed individuals say they love their jobs, according to a survey. And usually, people who are not motivated or lack passion for their work do not produce good results. Take, for example, these epic — but funny — design fails, which were probably done by people who were just after the money.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you 20 puzzling photos that showcase what can happen when you belong to the 30% of employees who are not as happy with their profession.

1. “This toothpaste bottle that looks like a soap dispenser at my grandma’s. I’ve washed my hands with this stuff so many times now.”

2. “The placement of this urinal in my high school...”

3. “Are you OK, Pikachu?”

4. “That’s a very long arm.”

5. Heart of spades wins!

6. “Chalk with a popsicle color, shape, and wood handle. What could go wrong giving these to kids?”

7. “This confusing lift sign at a local hospital.”

8. “Couldn’t even put a panel?”

9. “What happened to you, Po?”

10. “In 2017, I was in Paris and THIS was the toilet.”

11. “This useless piece of fabric meant to separate first class.”

12. Just imagine them installing that bathroom sink and then trying to get out.

13. And don’t forget to give “THONKS.”

14. “Wonderwoman” on a low budget

15. “Because opening a door is overrated.”

16. “Mirrors in the women’s bathroom”

17. “I just wanted to see the time for the next bus.”

18. “I would be uncomfortable drinking out of this cup.”

19. A book shaped like an “E,” an E-book

20. “A DIY shower I saw while house hunting.”

That’s our collection for today. But we strongly believe you’ve also seen something like this before, haven’t you? Please share your stories and photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit SEAGALL / reddit, SEAGALL / reddit


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