15 Men That Showed Us Their Skills and Turned a House Into a Home

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2 years ago

Aside from being great partners, handymen, and dads, men have a lot of other hidden powers. For example, they can have an eye for design and turn a boring space into one you’ll never want to leave. Some men ditched pricey designers in favor of their own creativity, and based on their rooms’ coziness levels, we can say they definitely have our vote.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found some really cool men’s rooms that are worthy of more than just our own eyes, and we’d love to showcase the best ones.

1. “The living room when I moved in vs 7 months after — I think I did okay.”

2. “Before and after: the first attempt at redecorating the bathroom — I think I did a good job!”

3. “It’s my first home, and I finally get to see my dream setup come to life!”

4. “I recently separated, and it’s my first time living single after 25 years.”

5. “Post-breakup apartment look”

6. “I finally have a window that doesn’t face a wall.”

7. “Tried to show off my new apartment setup, but my dog wanted it to be about her.”

8. “Moved to NYC and set up my first living room. The view from the window is incredible!”

9. “I inverted the colors of my kitchen.”

10. “Picked up a couple of cheap shelves and am stoked with the result.”

11. “28 years old, post-divorce, and the first time in my life living alone! I’m exploring my own personal style and, I gotta say, I’m proud of my space so far.”

12. “After having to move every year for the past 4 years, I’m finally settling down into a more permanent place with good friends. This is my bedroom that I just finished furnishing!”

13. “I’m a 26-year-old dude in Chicago. This is the first apartment I’ve ever been proud of.”

14. “Here’s my before and after.”

15. “Small house, big view”

Which of these places would you like to cuddle up in with a good book?

Preview photo credit y0urPalMitch / Reddit


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