15 Times Designers Tested Our Patience

2 years ago

Design requires tons of research and above-average problem-solving skills. However, for unknown reasons, designers sometimes skip important steps in their creative process, and then we’re left with things like yellow gallons of water. These strange inventions are occasionally found in the wild and make their way onto Reddit. That’s where people go to let off some steam.

Now I’ve Seen Everything selected a few photos of poorly-designed things that can make anyone facepalm.

1. “This stall door in a gas station bathroom”

2. “This unsittable seashell chair”

3. “Pants that make you look really pissed”

4. “This bench. Where I live, it’s very hot, and it’s impossible to sit in this park.”

5. “Circles have already won.”

6. Ladies and gentlemen, the pinnacle of foolishness.

7. “Yellow as a container color for gallons of drinking water”

8. “That’s how I broke my leg.”

9. “Had to share this exceptional design.”

10. “Bus stop button right next to my knee”

11. “This weird door at the top of the stairs in a weird hotel”

12. “Finally, a realistic mannequin in a woman’s lingerie store.”

13. “I almost gagged when I opened the cabinet in my BnB. Turns out it was just the design.”

14. “Carpet up the side of the bathtub at my grandma’s house”

15. “These 2022 glasses”

Have you ever spotted a design blunder yourself? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit _ThatSynGirl_ / Reddit


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