24 Parents Who Still Think of Their Adult Children as Babies

2 years ago

Growing up can undoubtedly be a challenge. As the years go by, things around us change, and a different challenge awaits us every day. Perhaps it would be too overwhelming to go through all the problems of adulthood without comforting moms and dads who know us so well and always find a way to make us feel like nothing wrong can happen.

In Now I’ve Seen Everything we know how important parental love is. We also know they have unique ways of expressing their affection, even when we’ve grown up, so we put together a compilation that proves they will always be looking out for us.

1. “Left one I got for my 1st birthday. The right one for 31st. My mom is awesome :).”

2. “My mom made me a meatloaf heart for Valentine’s Day because I didn’t have a valentine this year.”

3. Parents always worry, even if they know where we are.

4. “Hugging my mom in the tux she got me 13 years ago that was way too big. Tried it on today (26). It fits.”

5. “I was feeling down and just called my mom on FaceTime and made pasta together.”

6. Moving out of the nest.

7. “Being home for the holidays is the best! Thanks, mom.”

8. “My mom wanted to do a nativity scene for Christmas, I didn’t. So we compromised and made this.”

9. “My dad and I both as little kids, and together.”

10. “32-year-old child in my mom’s eyes. During this visit, I cleaned for two days so she wouldn’t. Today I woke up and looked in my loose change box. I love you, mom.”

11. “I told my dad I liked basil seed drinks, and he sent me a box of them!”

12. “My dad gave me this and was like, ’I know you don’t want a boyfriend right now cause all the ones your age are nasty, but I got you one I think you’ll like.’”

13. “I’m 28 and still living with my parents. This is what I got for Christmas.”

14. When dad knows your favorite character and has chalk at hand.

15. “My dad and I recreated a photo of us from 1995.”

16. “Every year on my birthday, my dad lays out my childhood toys, ‘The Guys,’ and it makes him so excited.”

17. “The door to my and my two brothers’ childhood bedroom. Our parents have kept it like this.”

18. “My mom kept all of my childhood Converse. These are the pairs I wore through age 14.”

19. “Christmas present from my parents for my 25th birthday. I built it in under two days and had a blast.”

20. “I found my old childhood Batman blanket at my parents’ house! Best pre-Christmas gift ever!”

21. “My mom knitted a little beanie for my CAE shifter because it gets hot in the sun! :)”

22. “This year, I am going to miss my yearly family Easter egg hunt and dinner because I am away from home training to be a flight attendant. My mom sent me this care package. (The eggs had cash in them).”

23. “My childhood drawings from 15 years ago weirdly representing my love for mom.”

24. “This is the Christmas Tree at my parent’s house. I live in a different town, in a student residence, but my parents waited for me to put it up. I am back at my place, and I miss them. It’s the first time I spend this season away. Happily, I’ll be home again before Christmas day.”

In what way do your parents refuse to accept that you have grown up?

Preview photo credit Eduhsoj / Reddit


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