20 Design Fails That Will Make Anyone Cringe

2 years ago

When we’re inspired to do our jobs, we produce great results. But the people who designed the things on this list may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed that day, or maybe they simply didn’t understand the task. And the results are strange or illogical designs that will make even non-professionals ask, “Why?”

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up examples of designs that failed so badly they’ll make you cry and laugh at the same time.

1. “Good thing that door is there to... umm... I don’t know.”

2. Okay, so which one is it?

3. Is the car too big or the garage too small?

4. “Can I see your manager, please?”

5. That should be an easy ride home.

6. They had one job...

7. What are you going to need the holes for?

8. Only short people can sit on this bench.

9. You might want to check on your arms first...

10. “I said I love France, not geography!”

11. Can’t Cinnabon afford the extra space?

12. “Hey, check out our invisible balcony!”

13. When a “blind date” remains “blind,” even after you meet:

14. You’ll need life insurance if you’re going to turn this fan on and off.

15. “This year’s National TaeKwonDo Tournament had an important message for everyone...”

16. When they say that a house comes with 1.25 baths:

17. When you hire a professional to install a fence:

18. Who said walks in the park were uneventful?

19. Only for emergencies

20. “Bedsheets that constantly look as if you wet them”

What’s the craziest, most illogical design you’ve ever seen? We’d love to see your photos if you have any.

Preview photo credit Aquillyne / reddit


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