15+ Times Mother Nature Took Over and Did As She Pleased

2 years ago

Humans tend to forget that we are easily at the mercy of Mother Nature. But every now and then, we come across sights that remind us of her diverse and mighty force — from the unique evolution of certain species, to the reclamation of abandoned objects, to the natural works of art we see around us.

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up several mind-blowing photos that have perfectly captured nature’s limitless abilities.

1. “Really cool grasshopper spotted in a backyard.”

2. “Lightning that highlights a tornado.”

3. This stream is going right through a tree.

4. “I caught a glimpse of an iridescent cloud.”

5. Natural domino effect: “A storm knocked over a tree whose roots lifted the car parked next to it.”

6. Snails can also be albino.

7. “Mom thought her chickens had stopped laying. They were actually hiding them.”

8. “This flower in my garden mutated to grow pure red petals on a small section.”

9. “Not one, not 2, but 5 waterspouts caused by the La Niña weather pattern.”

10. “This tree, pretending like it wants to fall over”

11. The way this corn decided to pop

12. “An abandoned car being reclaimed by nature.”

13. “Most of the cherries in this box are mutated in some way.”

14. “This tree grew inside an old silo and finally made it to the top!”

15. “A cloud cast a shadow that split the sky perfectly.”

16. “These naturally formed snow wheels”

17. “This Adidas that we found while hiking.”

Have you ever witnessed nature breaking routine rules? Maybe you have photos to prove it?


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