15 Photos Where the Angle Created a Challenging Brain Teaser

2 years ago

Finding the right angle in a photo can put the “extra” in extraordinary. Whether it’s a stairwell that’s easily mistaken for a hallway or a sleeping dog that could be doing a backflip, a step in the right direction makes a huge difference in what our eyes perceive. And everyone loves a good optical illusion.

Now I’ve Seen Everything went in search of the most confusing pics on the Internet and compiled them here. Buckle up for a wild ride.

1. “My friend took a photo of this van today and it somehow looks like a toy.”

2. “My dog doesn’t have a body...”

3. “Looking down this stairwell is like looking down a hallway.”

4. “I thought this pedal was a push-up aid device.”

5. “The walking stick isn’t mine.”

6. “The cows are long in France.”

7. “A giant squirrel was spotted across the road.”

8. “My cat’s head looks transparent.”

9. We have a new breed here.

10. “I went hiking and it looks like I have one leg.”

11. That’s one long violin bow.

12. “Not sure if I should look at the shadow, the stone, or the plate...”

13. “These burnout marks look 3D.”

14. “The sister sent me this picture and I thought our dog was doing a backflip.”

15. “Was so excited to see a baby deer on my hike.”

Which shot confused you the most? Have you ever taken a similar pic? If so, can you share it with all of us?

Preview photo credit EfJayOriginal / reddit


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