20 Times People’s Radar Went Off and Spotted Something Unusual

2 years ago

A triceratops 100 meters away from you, a piece of rock that looks just like a slice of grilled cheese or a mushroom that looks like a lady in a fancy dress — these are things we might never come across because they seem straight out of a science-fiction book.

People finding rarities and sharing them with the whole world is one thing we value at Now I’ve Seen Everything and here are some of our best finds.

1. A musical note on a banana

2. “Found this ‘veiled lady’ mushroom on a hike this morning near Seoul, South Korea.”

3. “This rock looks like a grilled cheese sandwich.”

4. “These paw prints dotted around my basement floor from when they set the concrete over 90 years ago”

5. “A tomato from my garden with bunny ears”

6. “Frog tracks on my window this morning”

7. “Weeds growing through my living room heater”

8. “This pear core looks like an owl.”

9. “I climbed Ben Nevis and discovered this halo effect on my shadow.”

10. “My cousin’s kid looks like Sal.”

11. “My friend’s cat has 7 toe beans on each paw.”

12. “Clear leaf I found in a leaf pile by a lake”

13. “I saw a Triceratops in my city today.”

14. “This geode looks like ocean waves on the beach.”

15. “This butterfly matches the exact colors of my running shoes.”

16. “I met a man who was 7’9” tall!"

17. “A truck just pulled up in front of our house that looks similar to my son’s toy.”

18. “My vitiligo under a blacklight”

19. “An old man I met in the desert in California”

20. “Alligator log”

What little discoveries have you made?


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