15 Times Nature Turned People’s Ordinary Day into an Unforgettable Memory

year ago

Mother Nature isn’t one for boring routines. It’s easy to tell so because there are countless examples online of how it creates a highlight on someone’s standard day. Whether it’s a vegetable with an amusing shape or a mind-blowing encounter with an animal, it never lets us down when it comes to free beauty and entertainment.

1. “We grew an eggplant that looks like the poop emoji.”

2. “This mussel-covered shoe washed up on the beach.”

3. A boat sank in this lake.

4. “My fridge was too cold and froze all the water in this carrot.”

5. “This shell I found looks just like a coconut.”

6. “A mini pineapple from my parents’ farm.”

7. “This lime grew from my tree.”

8. “An ice formation was created as the river level dropped.”

9. “It’s a starfish pumpkin”

10. “The way this horse’s fur flattens when I pet her”

11. “My son said, ’Look at the giant tornado!’ I was scared for a moment...”

12. “My brother dropped a watermelon and there was a tongue inside.”

13. “This turtle shell I found”

14. “The way rain carved out the sand around this ball and ’elevated’ it”

15. “This statue looks like it’s crying when it rains.”

Which pic impressed you the most? How often do you spend time in nature?


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