15+ Times People Fell in Love With Their Thrift Store Finds

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Buying from thrift stores has a ton of advantages. First, by giving those items a second chance, we’re making sure they don’t end up in the landfill. Secondly, we’re helping the environment because we don’t buy new clothes. Thirdly, we’re saving money because thrift stores are much cheaper than regular ones. Last but not least, we have a chance to find something truly unique, like our today’s heroes.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything collected some photos from people who couldn’t help but share their awesome second-hand finds.

1. “I’ve been searching thrift stores for a couple of months for my wedding attire, and I finally found this brand new jumpsuit for $5!”

2. “I thrifted this 1960s honeymoon set, nightgown, and dressing robe, for $10.”

3. “It was made a long time ago, but I think it was made for me. I got her last night at a thrift store and fell in love with it.”

4. “Looked up the tag and it’s a ’cloud dress’ inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding dress.”

5. “Found this watch at a flea market. I figured it was worth 5 bucks. Once you pull the movement out, the total weight was 22.1 G. It turned out to be 14-karat gold.”

6. “Found this handmade leather tracksuit for $10 at my favorite local thrift store and it fits PERFECTLY.”

7. “An early 1960s, based on the label, Wilson Folmar. And it has pockets!”

8. “A new $550 Ralph Lauren suit for $50”

9. “Found this absolutely gorgeous vintage wedding dress at Goodwill for $13.”

10. “The thrift gods were once again gracious to me, I got the suit jacket several months ago and just yesterday found the matching pants at Goodwill!”

11. “Flea market find. Marked 14k, and I only paid $4. It was in a big box of random, mostly Monet, costume jewelry.”

12. “This $30 3-piece pink suit I got yesterday”

13. “Found a skirt at a thrift store and I feel very feminine in it.”

14. “My husband has a pretty good eye. He found this Reformation dress for me when we were thrifting today. Only $20.”

15. “Paid $3.99 for this gorgeous 1950s tooled leather bag.”

16. “A perfect wedding dress from a thrift store for just $15”

What is the best purchase you can remember?

Preview photo credit fashion105 / Reddit


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