15 Times People Saw a Visual Treat They Didn’t Ask For

2 years ago

Everyone loves freebies, and we all love a free show. And the people on this list were lucky enough to see visual surprises in their surroundings — from funny, scary to weird scenarios that they were totally unprepared for.

Today, you guys get a front-row seat to see these amusing spectacles, as Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered 15 photos shared by the people who witnessed them.

1. “A fish frozen in the ice, halfway through eating another fish.”

2. ’’So I found a raccoon today in this exact position.’’

3. ’’I walked in on her sleeping like this. I’m not sure she’s human.’’

4. A very peculiar sight on the motorway

5. ’’This ’gnome home’ I came across on my walk today’’

6. ’’I finished a shower, opened the curtain, and found a 3-foot snake.’’

7. ’’My housemate saw a dog on the roof on his walk.’’

8. “The spider webs outside our window froze and collected frost.”

9. ’’I just walked in on my daughter playing her 3DS like this.’’

10. ’’I took a double-take when I saw this at a red light.’’

11. “Watched a very flexible guy at the airport.”

12. ’’I found this Everybody Loves Raymond shrine on my walk in the bush this morning.’’

13. ’’I saw a gull standing on top of another gull.’’

14. ’’I saw this on my run last night.’’

15. “This bus interior was made to look like a forest.”

Do you often encounter situations that are totally unexpected? When was the last time you were truly astonished by something you saw?

Preview photo credit Felfriast/Reddit


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