15 Times People’s Hearts Were Melted by Little Happy Coincidences

2 years ago

Sometimes, it feels like we’ve run out of luck, and everything turns against us. But chances are that, when we think this way, we’re just overlooking the small, good things in our surroundings. Lucky accidents are happening around us all the time. We just have to keep our eyes open to notice, for example, a friendly family of small raccoons or a kitten kissing a baby on the cheek.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything made this compilation of happy moments that happened by chance to brighten your day.

“My daughter, 10 years ago. Someone had a kitten in a laundry basket... so, this happened.”

“I was taking a picture of my garden and suddenly saw my neighbor’s dog photobombing! It’s one of my favorite pictures now.”

“Our local magazine did an interview featuring my wife’s novel. Didn’t expect to land the cover!”

“I caught my two-week-old son’s very first laugh on camera.”

“This week at work has been very hectic. I went to Taco Bell for my weekly stress meal, and they accidentally gave me an extra burrito.”

“Adorable little guy surprised my husband on his morning hike!”

“My dog ate pumpkin guts last year, then accidentally planted a very prolific poo garden.”

“My cats are not really friends, but suddenly, I found them sleeping next to each other.”

“Growing up, my father stomped on my Tamagotchi. 20 years later, a coworker bought me a Tamagotchi for Christmas, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to open a present.”

“We were in a panic because we couldn’t find our black cat. Then, suddenly...”

“Found a whole tub of Beanie Buddies in my attic today. It has successfully made my week!”

“My pet duck got spooked due to a storm and flew off scared. When I found her, she jumped into my coat, so I could take her home. This is our reunion.”

“Found that my plant pot can hold my glasses.”

“On a walk through a local forest preserve, came across this family of baby raccoons. They saw me and scurried up this tree.”

“Today, we made friends with a lovely 90-year-old man called Peter who had just lost his tooth. He and my son have that in common...”

What was your latest lucky accident?

Preview photo credit Gay4*** / Imgur


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