15 Women Who Decided to Breathe New Life Into Their Blonde Hair

2 years ago

Blonde hairstyles are generally trendy, but it’s not a bad idea to shake things up with a fresh cut and color. In fact, some women who dared to go for a different color found themselves pleasantly surprised with the results.

If you have been waiting for a sign before taking the hair plunge, look no further because Now I’ve Seen Everything will give you not just one, but 15 signs proving that it’s worth it.

1. “Went from blonde to brown. I missed being a brunette.”

2. “People lied to me. Blondes don’t have more fun. Fun people have more fun!”

3. “Every time I look in the mirror, I get a little shocked. I have the occasional moment of panic about it (it’s SO short), but I think I like it.”

4. “After fading out the previous colors for months... finally got my peacock hair!”

5. “Went for dark brown and I’m in love!”

6. “I went from blonde to red — did I make a mistake?”

7. “I just drastically dyed my hair from blonde to black.”

8. “Decided blonde just wasn’t for me, so I’m back to brown!”

9. “Went from blonde to brunette, and I’m enjoying being closer to my natural color.”

10. “I felt like a little baby with light hair.”

11. “Before and after a color transformation”

12. “Super sick of bleach, so I decided to change it up.”

13. “Went back to darker hair after many years of dying it blonde.”

14. “Finally got the courage to chop off most of my hair this week and dyed it black.”

15. “I went from blonde to brown! Love how healthy my hair looks now.”

Which of the women from our compilation look the most stunning with their new hairstyle? Do you experiment with your hair?


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