18 Photos That Show How Years Go By, but Some Things Stay the Same

2 years ago

Someone once said, “Do not fear. Some things will never change.” And that is especially true when it comes to family and friendly bonds that overcome all obstacles and survive through the years. That’s why people like to celebrate things that remain the same or grow even stronger with time.

Now I’ve Seen Everything feels lucky to have found these 18 pictures where the essence of some things remains the same, even years later.

“2003 recreated in 2021.”

“Our first trip (2013) became the place where he proposed to me (2018).”

A father with his beloved girls 10 years ago and now

17 years together

“All these years, and it’s still her favorite place.”

“My boy and I when he was a pup, and then the bottom is from maybe 2 years ago. He’s 15 years old and going strong!”

A bike ride in Kreuzberg then (1985) and now (2018)

“For Father’s Day this year, I recreated my favorite picture of my dad. Him, after graduating high school in 1980, and me, after graduating today.”

“We met in second grade in 1997. Here we are 21 years later.”

What a difference 3 years can make!

“Our yearly reenactment of ’The Circle of Life’ on the anniversary of his adoption”

“Photos of my high school (left) and college (right) graduations, side by side. Love how much happier I look after college. I still consider it to be the best years of my life.”

“My dad and I recreated a picture, with long hair. Original is circa 1979.”

22 years together and counting...

This is Jonathan, a giant tortoise. He was born in 1832. The photo on the left was taken in 1902, the one on the right, in 2017. Jonathan is 187 years old now.

There are only 15 months between these 2 photos, but it looks like a whole lifetime.

“18 years of loving the most excellent kid!”

“Every year, my parents recreate the Christmas card our friends send them of their kids.”

What photos have you taken years apart that show how some things remain the same or get even better with time?

Preview photo credit Naptownfellow / reddit


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