16 Crazy Tattoos We Could Never Get Tired of Staring At

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Not all people make good decisions when it comes to getting a tattoo, choosing designs that are questionable from the beginning. Some of them might also show their trust to artists that don’t have the knowledge and experience needed. But, sometimes people choose tattoos that will deliberately make everyone have a good laugh.

Tattoos, successful or not, are usually fun to look at and Now I’ve Seen Everything has gathered 16 tattoos to make you smile.

1. “Steve Irwin and a big Croc tattoo.”

2. “Sunflower seeds tattoo”

3. “Staring contest for the next 4 hours... GO!”

4. “This tattoo was apparently supposed to be of ’stars.’”

5. “A toad knee tattoo”

6. “Skater rat.”

7. “Nailed it!”

8. “I went on a date today, he proudly showed me this tattoo.”

9. “The best photo he could find of him”

10. “This Peppa Pig tattoo”

11. “What kind of tattoo do I want? I dunno, I like cats and pizza...”

12. Is that you Tupac?

13. Still trying to figure out whether the dog is barking or yawning.

14. “My uncle’s new tattoo”

15. Just a wolf baby tattoo, literally...

16. “This LOTR tattoo.”

Have you ever been disappointed with how a tattoo has turned out? What went wrong and have you regretted it?

Preview photo credit copaOW / Reddit


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