15+ People Who Were Gifted With Eagle Eyes and Keen Observation Abilities

2 years ago

Eagle eyes are 4-8 times stronger than human eyes; these birds can even spot a hiding prey. But some people appear to have been gifted with extraordinary vision as well. And when these sharp-sighted individuals pay attention to their surroundings, they see interesting details and amusing scenes that an average Joe would probably overlook.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 16 pictures of fascinating observations that people shared on the internet.

1. “The pumpkin pie I bought contains ’finger.’”

2. “I painted my dog using a year-old photo as a reference and realized her tongue spots have changed.”

3. “My dad’s iPad only has fingerprints in a grid pattern. The only thing he uses it for is sudoku.”

4. “This is how skin changes its color in different lighting.”

5. “My lotion looks like a cat.”

6. “It took bugs about 20 years to eat this much of the phone book. I found it in an old municipal water pump house.”

7. “Each puppy has nails that match their fur color.”

8. “I have a flower growing inside my mailbox.”

9. “My orange juice is the same color as the mug it’s in.”

10. “Each foot walks differently in the rain.”

11. “My scar doesn’t get dirty.”

12. “My one dog looks like my other dog’s shadow.”

13. “This is a tiny pineapple.”

14. “The way the sun damaged my ring binder.”

15. “The difference in my legs after being in a cast for 1 month.”

16. “The least used pin code digit at my workplace is apparently ’3.’”

Have you ever noticed something curious around you? Share your observations in the comments.

Preview photo credit MarieCakeAntoinette / reddit


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