15 Fabulous Dress Made by Talented People

2 years ago

Growing up, some girls dream about going to a ball in a magical dress like the ones Disney princesses have. They use their sewing talent to create something special, which often turns out to be much better than anything they could have seen in cartoons or movies.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found 15 incredibly gifted women who put their sweat and tears into creating wearable masterpieces.

“Carousel skirt and accessories I made for a masquerade ball”

“I made a color-changing Sleeping Beauty dress! I had no pattern, made everything up myself. Also, I made a little crown out of foam.”

What a fabulous long dress! It can be worn to the prom, it can be simply a formal dress, or, of course the most fitting use of all — costume party dress. We believe it would have been a perfect fit for Met Gala 2022, considering its main theme Gilded Glamour. The dress also gives us Blake Lively vibes, who also showed up in a color-changing dress. Blake should hire this girl for the next Met Gala.

“I made a Robe à la Française for Halloween! By the way, my hair is done with the help of a piece of foam.”

“My first self-drafted dress. I got the fabric from AliExpress! It was $8.50 per yard.”

“I designed an LED wearable dress.”

“I made my own wedding dress!”

This beautiful bride can easily fit in an episode, or even a full season, of Bridgerton. High waist, beautiful embroidery, it follows all the fashion rules of the popular TV show. Such a fabulous formal dress, we believe it can be worn to other events outside of this girl’s wedding.

“It’s very fairy-esque and took some time to finish it but I’m glad it came out decent!”

“It took me 12 hours to make this dress. The bodice is lined with an old sheet. The skirt is 2 layers of ‘poly china silk’ and one layer of heavily gathered chiffon.”

“I made this dress from thrifted bedsheets! This is now my favorite pattern.”

“Finally finished this monarch butterfly dress!”

“From my original design sketch to finished gown, here’s my Belle gown.”

This might one of our favorite creations. This fabulous long formal dress is any little girl’s dream. We do not know about you, but when we watched Beauty and the Beast, we were always in absolute awe at Belle’s ball gown and wished we could wear it one day. This woman made that dream a reality, and we think it looks even more stunning than the Disney animation.

“I finished my Cinderella ballgown! The lining of the dress is an old sheet, and the dress itself consists of layers of lavender, blue, and navy organza.”

“I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found a rayon satin because it was cheaper than silk satin but more breathable than polyester.”

“Fairy costume made by me! I don’t sew clothing often so I’m super proud of this!”

“I made an ocean-tide-inspired dress. The crown is sculpted wire with beads and crystals.”

Can you sew? Do you make your own one-of-a-kind outfits? Show us photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Jewel-jones / Reddit


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