16 Designs That Are So Bad We Can’t Believe People Are Asking Money For Them

year ago

There are million of stores in the world both in physical form and online, and they sell myriads of products. Not all of those products though are aesthetically pleasing and useful in everyday life. And it’s really impossible to think how someone can design and ask money for something that looks completely weird and unusual.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found these questionable designs that it’s impossible to believe someone would pay money to buy.

1. “$960 bag which looks like there’s mold on it.”

2. “These appear to be Converse high heels.”

3. Looks quite easy to ride, doesn’t it?

4. “These nails tips”

5. Super comfy jean boots

6. “At my kindergarten in Korea”

7. “Got this new hoodie and everybody has asked me why I am wet.”

8. “Shape of Water but the budget is $4”

9. “Beach date”

10. So innocent, right?

11. Three creatures in one

12. “These shoes at a clothing store”

13. Is it a crab or a human baby?

14. “A shark, fine, but who has he eaten?”

15. Doubt how many kids would want that.

16. “My sponge appears to have come with hair pre-installed.”

Have you ever stumbled upon a product or even bought something that turned out pretty disappointing?

Preview photo credit --floridaman- / reddit


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