16 Easter Eggs That Truly Added Depth to Movies Narrative

6 months ago

Sometimes, directors sneak exciting surprises, like hidden clues or references, into their movies. It’s like a fun game for viewers to spot these Easter eggs. These secret details make watching the movie more interesting and can connect different parts of the story or even reference other films. It’s a way for directors to make the movie-watching experience more enjoyable and interactive.

The eyebrows of Pandora inhabitants

Avatar, along with Titanic, became one of the most prominent works by James Cameron. In the film, people went to the planet Pandora, where the Na’vi (big blue creatures) lived. In order to make the expedition look the same, every human participant had an avatar — a body like a Na’vi that they could control.

Even though all of the blue-skinned characters looked like each other, there were still 2 visual differences between the true Na’vi and the people that arrived on the planet. Engineers created avatars with 5 fingers, while Na’vi only had 4. And also, true Na’vi didn’t have eyebrows. The stripes on the skin might look like eyebrows, but they are not hairs, while the avatars did have actual eyebrows.

The dress that Miss Congeniality wore in the talent show

Everyone that watched the comedy Miss Congeniality saw the character’s dress. It’s hard to forget how funny it looked on agent Gracie Hart. But only a few people noticed where the FBI got the idea to dress her like that. The characters didn’t have much time to design clothes for a talent show, so they just created the same dress as the girl that was giving out leaflets at the entrance was wearing.

The clothes of the characters in Encanto

The clothes of the characters in Encanto reflect who they are. For example, Louisa’s dress, the strongest character, has dumbbells on it, Dolores has soundwaves on the skirt (she has super hearing), and Pepa has a sign of weather because her mood impacts the weather in town. And if you look closely, you will notice that every character has something on their clothes that reveals something about them.

The symbol of Black Widow on Peter Parker’s drawings

In the 2002 version of Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire’s character tries different ideas of what his superhero costume will look like and what his symbol will be. One of the options that Peter decided not to use was Black Widow’s symbol (that is another Marvel character). It was a red hourglass that looked a bit different in the film, but still recognizable.

By the way, the fans have a theory about why Spider-Man’s costume is red. The character chose this color because it’s associated with Mary Jane, who he loved. She had red hair.

Forrest Gump’s laces

Only the most attentive viewers will notice that in the scene where Forrest Gump is sitting at the bus stop, he has very dirty sneakers but really white laces. According to fans, this is him trying to keep the gift from the woman he loved fresh. All these years, he wore these shows and did everything he could to make them last.

There’s another version of why he did it. Forrest’s friend, Lieutenant Dan, taught him to always take care of his feet.

The book in Spider-man Homecoming

In Spider-Man: Homecoming (2018), a subtle yet meaningful detail adds depth to MJ’s character and cleverly nods to the film’s narrative. MJ is spotted reading “Invitation to a Beheading” by Vladimir Nabokov. This choice not only aligns with her character but also serves as a subtle reference to the movie’s themes. The book itself delves into the story of a man in a prison cell, with the sole companion being a spider, creating a subtle connection to the film’s context.

The shoe in Inside Out

Pixar loves putting Easter Eggs in their work, and the Oscar-winning Inside Out was no exception. Attentive viewers saw an object they had seen before in another movie. We mean the shoe that was in the character’s mind, among all the other things. You can see the same shoe in their earlier work in the movie WALL·E. It was the shoe the robot grew a plant in.

Nick Fury and Jules Winnfield are the same person

Another source of never-ending secret messages are Marvel movies. Some people think that Nick Fury from the Marvel Universe and Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction are the same person. They are portrayed by the same actor — Samuel L. Jackson. And the words Jules says at the end of Tarantino’s film are written on Nick Fury’s tombstone.

The article in newspaper in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

A significant detail added to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince sheds light on the fate of Amelia Bones, the witch who played a crucial role in clearing Harry Potter during his disciplinary hearing in The Order of the Phoenix. In the 2009 film, a newspaper reveals that Amelia Bones was tragically found murdered at her home, adding a poignant layer to her previous involvement in Harry’s defense.

Nike logo on the armor of a knight

In A Knight’s Tale, the viewers spotted the famous brand, Nike, in the form of its logo. It was a blacksmith’s mark on the knight’s armor.

By the way, the founder of the company gave permission for the moviemakers to do this. It was also noticed that Nike’s founder’s name is Phil Knight, and the name of the film is A Knight’s Tale. So, it might sound like it’s a tale of his life.

A human outline in Life of Pi

Life of Pi is full of the spirit of unity between humans and nature. Both scientists and viewers agree on this. Some of the shots are way more meaningful than they seem at first sight. Movie fans saw an outline of a person in the green mountains.

Taxi number in Spider-Man: No Way Home

A clever Easter egg in Spider-Man: No Way Home, a subtle tribute to Stan Lee is discreetly embedded. In the 2021 film, the taxi bears the number 1228, a thoughtful reference to Stan Lee’s birthday on the 28th of December.

Dr. Toad in the credits of Mrs. Doubtfire

Very few people actually read the credits after movies. And they might hide interesting details, like the one in Mrs. Doubtfire. The bartender was an actor without a first name or a last name — he actually had a fake name, Dr. Toad.

In reality, it was Robert Todd Williams, Robin Williams’ older brother. A vintner by trade in real life, this was his only film appearance.

Hector’s bare feet in Coco

For most of Coco, Hector walks barefoot. It’s only at the end of the story that he starts wearing shoes. This means that his relatives have finally accepted him and let him use their biggest treasure — shoes. The entire family were shoemakers.

The collar of Peeta Mellark

In The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1, Peeta talks to Katniss through the TV. Everyone standing at the screen listens to the winner of the Hunger Games, but only his partner knows that he was forced to give the speech. The creators of the film left a hint for the viewers to let them know he wasn’t honest: look at his collar — it looks like it’s threatening him.

Skateboard in It Chapter Two

In the subtle Easter egg found in It Chapter Two, a nod to The Shining, both films being adaptations of Stephen King’s works, a notable detail emerges. In the 2019 installment, a skateboard prominently features the iconic carpet pattern from The Shining (1980).

Next time you’re watching your favorite movies, keep an eye out for special surprises that directors sneak in, like secret messages or nods to other films. It’s like a hidden game within the movie. These details add an extra layer of fun for viewers who notice them, making the whole experience more interesting. So, pay close attention to the little things — you might discover something new each time you watch.


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