16 Loving Couples Whose Feelings Only Grow Stronger as Time Goes By

2 years ago

When you finally meet your Mr or Mrs Right, it’s easy to imagine you’ll spend the rest of your life together. But unlike what romantic movies are trying to show us, real-life relationships take patience and commitment to really work. And no one knows it better than 17 people featured in this article. All of them managed to preserve their love through the years, and can definitely teach us some valuable lessons.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered photos of 16 loving couples who know the secrets to a happy marriage.

1. “Our first date and 20th anniversary photos.”

2. “20 years of dating, 3 kids, no hair left on top of my head, and plenty of salt and pepper in the beard.”

3. “Pic from our first date 30 years ago today and us now (married 24 years).”

4. A marriage that lasted for 77 years

5. “Next week I’m marrying my best friend of 15 years!”

6. “Celebrating 13 years with my high school sweetheart... our first anniversary as doctors!”

7. “40 years later...”

8. “My grandparents have been together for half a century and today they renewed their vows!”

9. “My parents are celebrating 37 years together today.”

10. “Got together at 12 and got married at 21. 12 years married and forever to go!”

11. “We’ve been together for more than 25 years.”

12. “Here we are in 1997 and in 2019! Some things are just meant to be.”

13. “Junior high sweethearts, age 13 vs age 31”

14. “After 71 years of marriage, Grandma passed. Grandpa said, ’Well, I got to know her pretty well.’”

15. “My parents’ 40th wedding anniversary.”

16. “My parents celebrated 47 years of marriage today.”

Have you also shared different life stages with your current partner? We’d love to hear your stories!

Preview photo credit skepticalitseems1 / Reddit


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