16 People Who Chose to Carry Their Heavy Baggage Through a Tattoo

year ago

One reason some people get tattoos is in order to commemorate something special or honor someone that they have deep love for. It can be a person or a pet that is not with them anymore. In some cases, people aren’t afraid to turn their disadvantages into moments of joy and pride. Maybe it’s because they and the people around them need a reminder that, as long as they’re still here, nothing can keep them down.

1. “100% deaf in my left ear.”

2. “I got a tattoo of my dad’s laugh. I have his smile and joy wherever I go now.”

3. “My parents’ wedding photo.”

4. “I got a new leg today!”

5. “I got this in honor of my lost baby. The people at the tattoo shop laughed at it because they didn’t know its meaning.”

6. “My tattoo, her birthmark.”

7. “Got our late Loki’s nose. Gone, but never forgotten, little guy.”

8. “Tribute tattoo to my best friend who passed away.”

9. “A hummingbird, dedicated to my grandmother.”

10. Turning a disadvantage into an advantage.

11. “Finally got the tattoo I’ve always wanted.”

12. After her son passed away, this lady got an image of the writing from a card he’d written for her tattooed on her forearm.

13. “First tattoo. Each tree symbolizes a loved one in my life + a faded one for my mom who passed. Love the simplicity.”

14. “My grandparents’ first date 54 years ago.”

15. “It’s my kitty heading off to the other side — my first proper tattoo in memory of my kitty, Ziggy.”

16. “My mom got a memorial tattoo for my younger brother.”

Do you have any tattoos and, if so, did you have any of them for sentimental reasons? Was it a way to remember or honor someone or something?


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