16 People Who Had to Swallow Their Frustration

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Frustration is a feeling of inner discomfort that all of us have felt or feel every once in a while. You can lean deeper into it and increase your stress levels or instead try to see what is happening to you in a more funny way. Remember that nothing in life is black or white and what may seem heartbreaking today will turn into a nice story for the grandkids tomorrw.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is ready to share 16 annoying things that many of you might have experienced a some point in your life.

1. “I paid $8 for this.”

2. That must have been so fun to clean.

3. Donut down

4. “The fitting room doors at the thrift store”

5. “Being a school janitor sucks”

6. “The toilet paper at my university”

7. “I got this whole grain bread... More like hole grain.”

8. Always keep a secret tube of toothpaste from your wife and children.

9. “Stuck behind a cyclist when there’s a whole unused cycle land there”

10. “My jam filled donut”

11. A very rare collection

12. Package destroyer

13. “Go go gadget arms?”

14. “Boxes that open like this”

15. Nice car, huh?

16. “Stood during the entire concert, nobody else was standing. Picked a fight with someone who asked her to sit down.”

Has anything from the pictures shown above happened to you, and if so could you tell us about it?

Preview photo credit iAllosaurus / reddit


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