18 People Who Tried Their Best in Cooking, But Still Need Just a Bit More Practice

2 years ago

Even though going out for dinner from time to time is nice, we shouldn’t do it too often. Other than just being very expensive, it deprives us of the chance to feel like chefs and use our creativity to impress family and friends by cooking something marvelous. With that said, eatable masterpieces take a bit more than just determination, so before you reach Michelin level, you’ll probably make a few mistakes.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some pictures proving that no one is perfect, so we shouldn’t let the fear of cooking mistakes stop us from trying out something new.

“Forgot the cheese part in my grilled cheese... so this is a grilled.”

“I ordered a salad for $15 from a local restaurant.”

“Look! My macarons!”

“I made a cheesecake for the first time!”

“This dish cost me $10. I’m never going there again.”

“A different version of blackened chicken.”

I made my own sushi.

“I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

Toast that’s scary to eat.

Michelin-star cheese plate.

“You might like the pie I baked...”

“Here’s another one.”

“A birthday cake for my husband — he’s so lucky to have me.”

“My first attempt at making lemon tea.”

Do you want the recipe?

“Made some brownies. I was missing some eggs and short on some other ingredients but made it anyways.”

“This pizza makes me sad.”

“I made a cake like in the picture.”

Do culinary failures ever happen to you? Tell us about one of them.

Preview photo credit Seratius_ / reddit


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