16 People who Got Ready to Go on Their Dream Vacation, but Fate Had Other Plans for Them

9 months ago

All of us, without exception, are looking forward to vacation. It is a time of adventure, rest, acquaintances, and discovering new countries and places. But sometimes long-awaited vacations do not go according to plan.

“Great start to my vacation.”

“Week long vacation. Came home to house mate sleeping and this...”

“My leggings matched the chair at the vacation rental.”

“He parked like this and went on vacation.”

What happens when you fall asleep outside:

“Came to Greece for a relaxing holiday in the sun. It has rained for 5 days straight, and we are leaving tomorrow.”

“Replaced my friends family photos while I was feeding his cats during his vacation.”

“The hotel promised us a sea-view room. They actually weren’t lying.”

VanjOK / Pikabu

“The Taj Mahal is breathtaking.”

“Was feeling grateful to be reunited with my luggage after being stuck in ATL for 3 days and missing my trip to Vegas. Then I discovered everything in it is soaking wet.”

“First vacation I’ve had all year and work won’t stop texting me... should I send it?”

“Welcome back from vacation!”

“Left my window open before going on vacation.”

“So, my vacation rental came with a pool.”

“Thought I had the perfect picture from vacation.”

“My hotel room has really nice view.”

We hope these photos didn’t discourage you from having the best vacation of your life. Need any ideas on where to fly to for your vacation? How about Romania, Iceland, or Japan? Looking at the photos from these countries, we have the impression that they are on another planet.

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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